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This is the 2016 Event Schedule for the 6th NCST as of 10 March 2016

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26th NCT schedule


Note: Cx or Lx indicates a maximum effort C- Company or L- Legion event. x indicates the event number (i.e L5 is our 5th event and the Legion is attending) Links are included below table



Morrisville- http://www.ci.morrisville.nc.us/Calendar.aspx?EID=2888

Bennett Place- http://www.nchistoricsites.org/bennett/

Fort Macon- http://www.ncparks.gov/fort-macon-state-park/events-and-programs/fort-macon-battle-observance

Oakwood Confederate Cemetery- http://historicoakwoodcemetery.org/historic-confederate-cemetery.asp

Maplewood Confederate Cemetery- http://durhamnc.gov/737/Cemetery-Operations

Latta Plantation- http://www.lattaplantation.org/latta/index.php?page=home

Cross Keys- http://www.crosskeysreenactment.com

Battle of Manassas- http://ccbf.us/?page_id=2230

Yates Mill- http://www.wakegov.com/parks/yatesmill/Pages/default.aspx

Bost Grist Mill- http://www.bostgristmill.com

Perryville- http://www.perryvillebattlefield.org/html/commemoration_2016.html

Oakwood Lantern Walk- http://lanternwalk.blogspot.com

Fort Branch- http://www.fortbranchcivilwarsite.com/

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